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Maryland Democracy Initiative

Building A Better Democracy for All!

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What Does It Take to Sustain Democracy?

McKeldin Mall, University of Maryland

Who We Are

The Initiative combines and leverages the skills of its four core colleges and Maryland’s public, land-grant university.

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Research definition photo above a photo of people voting next to a photo of a teacher with students

What We Do

Innovative, interdisciplinary, community-centered research, teaching, learning, and civic engagement.

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photo of the capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Where We Begin

We start with the hypothesis, based on research and the knowledge of our fields, that people require five capacities to participate in a healthy democracy.

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The process of democracy is one of change. Our laws are not frozen into immutable form, they are constantly in the process of revision in response to the needs of a changing society.

Thurgood Marshall Supreme Court Justice - Integrated the University of Maryland - Native Marylander

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Maryland Democracy Initiative is a Grand Challenge Award Recipient

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